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7x - 45x Zoom Magnification Stereoscopic Trinocular Articulating Boom Stand Mounted Microscope STEREOSCOPIC TRINOCULAR ARTICULATING BOOM STAND MOUNTED MICROSCOPE 7.5x - 35x Zoom Magnification Monocular Microscope Larger Frame-Base Size W/ Fluorescent Ring Light µHandy Microscope Portable transmitted light microscope
7x - 113x Zoom Stereo Trinocular Embryo Transplant Microscope W/ Aluminum Carrying Case STEREO TRINOCULAR EMBRYO TRANSPLANT MICROSCOPE W/ ALUMINUM CARRYING CASE 40x - 1000x Power Triple Viewing Compound Teaching Training High Power Microscope TRIPLE VIEWING COMPOUND TEACHING TRAINING HIGH POWER MICROSCOPE

Welcome to Great Microscopes Online Store.

Great Microscopes, the first and only, online microscope store in the Philippines. When we say Great!”, it means a relatively large selection of amazing and incredible high quality microscopes that match competitive prices.

Here in the Philippines and all over Asia, microscopes are a growing demand in the market. Microscopes are increasingly becoming essential equipments in a lot of industries. Our company strives to be the leading provider or great quality microscopes with great prices for your great satisfaction.

We have a whole range of different types of microscopes which are suitable for specific applications. We carry microscopes that are commonly used for manufacturing inspections, high-technology quality control, in areas such as semiconductor processing, medical viewing, cellular research, metallurgical analysis, and homeschool studies.

GreatMicroscopes.com is definitely your one-stop online microscope and lab equipment store in the Philippines! We have all kinds of microscope for any microscopic application you are looking for. Just tell us what you need and we will provide it! In addition, we provide only high-quality microscopes we will make sure that you will get totally satisfied!

HIGH QUALITY microscopes for AFFORDABLE PRICES! And right here in the Philippines! That’s GREATMICROSCOPES.COM!

Great Microscopes is a global manufacturer, distributor and marketer of quality high-power microscopes, bio-research tools and microscope accessories, microscopy hardware and laboratory products, and technology based microbiology systems. Our microscopy products and services are marketed and are for sale in more than 100 countries, and we have microscope manufacturing operations in fifteen countries. Throughout our microscopy businesses, we have established a reputation for microscopy innovation, microscope quality, end-user focus, microscope design, and microscope value/ microscope affordability. Our strong microscopy vision and product fidelity in new microscope product development capabilities enjoy worldwide recognition in the field of microscopy and biotechnology, and our global distribution is unsurpassed in the microscope industry. We truly try to define and fulfill the name of Great Microscopes.

Great Microscope’s objective is to establish itself as the preeminent global microscope manufacturer and marketer of microscopy apparatus and microscope tools and accessories, affordable microscope hardware and research equipment, and technology-based magnification systems. After almost 30 years of microscope manufacturing and distribution, Great Microscopes Microscopy Systems has earned its place as a market leader in high-end research equipment and high-power microscopes. The company designs and manufactures the world\'s most complete line of microscopes for life-science research, medical imaging, medical technology, industrial assemblage, forensics, and more. Great Microscopes products are backed by the International Microscopy Society Warranty®, one of the most comprehensive warranties in the microscopy industry. Our products are widely used in biology lab equipments in various educational institutions and vastly in the medical industry.

Microscopy is rapidly expanding in many medical and biological research fields. The development of the new microscopy systems and the introduction of many different microscopy techniques have spurred the diversification of microscope engineering and microscope applications. Great Microscopes offers a full range of microscope systems for fulfilling many different research requirements. Great Microscopes are equipped with new optical system engineering to precisely meet new research applications and demands. Our high signal to noise ratio, our super apochromatic features which efficiently compensate for chromatic aberration from the visible spectrum all the way to 1000nm over a much wider wavelength range of lighting techniques and our high transmittance ratio of visible to near-infrared light (with Great Microscope’s microbead-lens multi-coating which effectively cuts reflection over the super wide band spectrum), all reinforce our new microscopy systems.

Great Microscopes set a new world standard of microscopy performance — efficiently detecting even dim indistinct microscopy image signals without damaging highly delicate specimens, and optimizing microscopy observation. Bright observation is possible with our microscope models even under weak excitation light, so fluorescence and luminescence fading is diminished and damage to samples is reduced to the lowest possible degree. Delivering unprecedented image quality over a super wide light spectrum, our Great Microscopes will be your instrument of choice now and in the future.

We are a microscope distributor that represents global microscopy and technological breakthroughs. We hope that Great Microscopes dot com will be useful to microscope users, researchers and laboratory administrators and will help bring about more efficient and effective research, regardless of microscope operation experience.

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